Firefly Food Production module and Acumatica improve operational productivity through automation, production schedule optimization, forecasting of future demand, reduction of errors, and improving customer satisfaction

Let us show you how.

Acumatica Ranks highest in usability among Cloud ERP systems year after year.  One of the reasons why can be seen in these screenshots.  Here are six transactions screens from six different Acumatica modules. Notice how the structure for all is exactly the same?  It is this familiarity of different screens that helps users quickly adapt to efficiently use Acumatica.

Acumatica & Firefly Pricing Structure

Only pay for what you use. Designed for growing companies, rather than paying for each user you add, you only pay for the resources you actually use.  Three simple factors are used to calculate how much you pay each month.

What Applications do you want to use now?   What type of license: SaaS, Private Cloud, or perpetual?  What is your consumption based on business transaction volume and data storage?

That’s it.  Easy, fair, and allows everyone in your organization to gain benefits from the system.

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